Goaurawave.com Website Review & Ratings + Aurawave Pain Relief Coupons
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Goaurawave.com Website Review & Ratings + Aurawave Pain Relief Coupons

Aurawave Pain Relief is an electrical impulse device that can temporarily lessen soreness and aching. It is good for bringing pain relief in the back, arms and legs. The device uses electrical impulses to soothe pain away.

Electronic muscle stimulation is used by chiropractors and other health care professionals. The device may be helpful to you if you currently suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Stiff shoulder or neck due to sitting at a desk all day long. Many individuals who have to work in front of a computer all day long are unable to take ergonomic breaks as frequently as they should. This results in tightness in the muscles in their neck and shoulders.
  • Ankle or knee strain from sports or other activities. Aurawave Pain Relief sends out electrical pulses that soothe every inch of the muscles in that area.
  • Aching lower back after a back injury. It does not matter how long you have suffered with lower back pain or what techniques you have used unsuccessfully in the past. Aurawave Pain Relief has been effective for many persons and may be helpful to you.
Aurawave Pain Relief : What makes it different?
  • The Aurawave Pain Relief device has become popular because it offers relief for a number of conditions.
  • It is effective at relieving stress and very good at alleviating tightness in the muscles
  • People who have joint pain due to arthritis say that it helps them as well
  • It improves circulation problems which result from being stuck in one position for a long period
  • It can be worn under your clothes so you can get an effective massage at any time of day
  • It is used in clinics to help bring relief for patients who are suffering from pain
  • It is an effective replacement for oral pain killers
  • It is a good substitute for people who are uncomfortable with being dependent on oral pain killers
  • Some people have been pain free for as long as two days after using the device to deliver a single treatment for chronic pain
  • It can get rid of knots in less than fifteen minutes
  • It has different pulses and strengths which can be customized according to your needs
Aurawave Pain Relief vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Aurawave Pain Relief )

The Aurawave Pain Relief device is regarded as one of the best on the market for private use. There are similar transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices on the market that have been developed for larger operation, including in chiropractic clinics.

  • The Aurawave Pain Relief device by Endurance Therapeutics is the only one that is available without a prescription.
  • It is the first over the counter device approved by the FDA for treating pain in the lower back and extremities with TENS technology
  • It has six manual modes
  • It also has four automatic modes that are programmed into the device
  • It can be set to ten different levels of intensity
  • It comes with an adjustable belt for back pain relief
  • It also comes with adhesive pads that hold the device in place when it is being used on other areas of the body
  • The aurawave system is patent pending
  • Users have mentioned that the belt is not as effective as the pads
  • People who use pacemakers or have certain medical conditions cannot use it
Aurawave Pain Relief : Pricing & packages
  • The Aurawave Pain Relief device costs $99
  • It comes with extra sets of adhesive electrode pads in both large and small sizes
  • The Aurawave Pain Relief device comes with a one year warranty which gives customers protection against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Clients do not have to pay for shipping their purchase. It is completely free.
  • They also do not have to pay any handling charges.
  • It also comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.
  • Clients may choose to pay for their purchase by echeck, credit card or PayPal.
  • The website has been verified by Authorize.net, so the information you share on the site is protected.
  • This product makes a good gift for friends and relatives
  • People who have purchased it say it is worth every penny. Some persons have even bought more than one, after having theirs taken by a friend or relative who benefited from its powerful pain relief properties.
Aurawave Pain Relief : Product images & screenshots
Aurawave Pain Relief Coupons
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Aurawave Pain Relief : Customer reviews & comments

“This product has become indispensable to me. My only problem is everyone that I loan it to keeps it and I have to get another one. I loaned it to my Dad for his back and he now uses that one all of the time. Then I treated my wife's shoulder with another one and she then stole it.

I am the kid that never grew up - getting on in years, but not slowing down physically. So you know I get sore. Currently, I am using Aurawave to treat a sore lower back; probably caused by my last 12 mile hike / jog. I also often use it to treat a tight hamstring because I don't stretch enough before and after a work out. And occassionally I use it to treat my wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome because my computer mouse is practically glued to my hand all day.
This is the only FDA cleared TENS device I know that works in any part of my body that becomes sore. I would not be caught without one of these in my house. It always has given me instant relief.”


Aug, 2010

“I really am greatful I ordered this for myself,son & sister. I have used tens units & unless you have insurance & prescription's it's expensive either way to maintain or get. The only thing I didn't turn off the unit all the way & used up the batteries. It works extremely well, I am very satisfied with the quality. I am glad I didn't purchase the other one I'd seen on Q before, this one is exceptional.”


Aug, 2010

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This product is actually very reasonable in price and seems to have many health benefits. Thanks!

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