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BlueSpringWellness is an online retailer of various own branded health and beauty related products such as natural herbal remedies and skin care solutions. They have a registered PO box address based in Oklahoma city where both their offices and warehouses are based and they state that all their products are made in the USA.

The company is run by a lady called Debra Murray and she is focused on growing and developing the brand but also has a clear focus on customer satisfaction. While the brand has grown immensely over the years and is now serving international customers, based on their customer feedback they still manage to keep very close relationships with the people that matter, the customers. Their expansion into other countries can be largely attributed to their affiliate and reseller program which they encourage sellers to sign up to via one of their website pages.

They offer a wide range of products in different categories such as pain relief, wellness and emu oils. The products on offer are made from natural ingredients and produced under the strict US quality control procedures along with safe scientific practices. They pride themselves on offering products of the highest quality and have backed this claim up with a 60 day money back guarantee and free samples of some of the products in the range.

The website itself is very well put together and easy to use. There is a good selection of products to choose from and up to four different ways to pay including Google Checkout, PayPal and by Check. The clean, simple design of the site makes it very easy for users to see the information they need quickly. In addition to that they have a live chat option so that customers can quickly get in contact with their customer service.

As mentioned earlier, BlueSpringWelness has a good selection of products on offer and here are just a few of them:

Vita-Super - (Category - Healthy Joints)

Pure Emu Oil - (Category - Emu Oil)

Slimming Formula - (Category - Wellness)

AllergEeze - (Category - Wellness)

Blue Spring Wellness: What makes it different?

So what sets this company apart from others selling natural herbal health and beauty products? Well one point to note is that they manufacture all their products in the USA. This means that customers can be sure that are getting a product that has been manufactured under the United States regulations and quality standards. They also emphasize their use of only quality ingredients in their products.

Wide range of payment options – People like choice of products from a company but they also need choice of options to pay for the products too. Thankfully BlueSpringWellness does address this very well and offer many different ways for people to conveniently pay for their goods. In addition to the customary acceptance of all the major credit cards including American Express and Discover they also allow PayPal and Google Checkout payments. But what really sets them apart in this day and age is that they still accept a check which many others would not.

Something for everyone – With a wide range of products available, all at different price ranges, there appears to be something suit everyone’s needs. From stress relief formulas to foot care creams, Blue Spring seem to have everything with regard to health and beauty covered.

Affiliate and reseller program – This company has a good affiliate and reseller program for people who want to earn some money from promoting and selling these products. The affiliate program allows individuals to promote the products on the BlueSpringWelness website and when they instigate a sale they can get a percentage of the profits. The reseller program gives retailers from the USA and other countries around the world the opportunity to stock and sell these products which could help to expand these other companies range of products. 

Blue Spring Wellness vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Blue Spring Wellness) has been around since the early 1990’s. Similar to BlueSpringWellness, they also offer a wide range of natural health and beauty products. They do not actually manufacture the products themselves like BlueSpringWellness, but instead they maintain close relationships with over 400 different manufacturers who supply their very extensive range of products.

Whereas Blue Spring concentrates on selling one branded product, their own, has well over 500 different brands of products ranging from aloe vera creams to fat burning supplements. They also offer an affiliate program for those wanting to make some money from their products as well as corporate discounts which go up to 80% off the recommended retail price. is another retailer offering a variety of natural herbal remedies as well as beauty products. Their products come from various different manufacturers and their main aim is to provide products to aid individuals with chronic conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. Free worldwide shipping of all their products is a key feature with this company as the other two only offer free shipping when a certain amount of money is spent. With Blue Spring Wellness that limit is $100 dollars and with it is $49.

While does have a large range of products the products are not as diverse as Blue Spring. Many of their products are available in tablet or capsule form which may or may not be more suitable for individuals.

Blue Spring Wellness: Pricing & packages

BlueSpringWellness offers a very competitive pricing structure which stands up well when compared to its competitors. It is difficult to compare like for like products in this market because different manufacturers use ingredients of various quality which could reflect in the market price.

Blue Springs Slimming Product currently costs $7.99 which is marked down from $9.99. A similar product –

Obenyl – from costs $29.00

And – Appetite Suppressant – from costs $9.37

Blue Spring also has a money-back guarantee and the option to purchase the products directly from the manufacturer which can mean the ability to get further discounts. They also have special offers from time to time such as mix-n-match specials where discounts can be had for purchasing more than one item and closeouts, where end of line products are offered much cheaper than usual.

Blue Spring Wellness: Product images & screenshots
Blue Spring Wellness Coupons
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Blue Spring Wellness: Customer reviews & comments

Customers of BlueSpring Wellness seem to rate their shopping experience very highly and there is plenty of positive feedback from happy customers. Here are just a few which have been taken from their website and various forums on the web:

“Thank you for responding to my message. Apologies and other things accepted, this order has proven to test my patience for sure. However, you have gone above and beyond in assisting me with this problem and that is very much appreciated as well.

Hopefully, in the future this sort of thing won't become an issue. Have a wonderful weekend.”

Lani M.


I just wanted to let you know this. I order the Hand Lotion with Emu Oil and with 2 applications, there was instant relief. I had just moved to a new house and was involved in heavy duty cleaning and my hands felt like sand paper. Just 2 applications and my hands were no longer like sand paper, but soft again.

Thank you so much. I will be trying more of your products in the future.

Also, I had back surgery 6 years ago - I had 4 disks replaced and to get off of the drugs for pain, I used Super Blue Stuff and was pleased that it helped and I was able to get off of the pain killers.” 

Nancy M.

“Many, many congratulations on this fantastic product! I am a 51-year-old woman who, for as long as I can remember, have suffered from "rhinitis", hay fever, animal allergies, dust sensitivity, etc etc., all manifesting in terrible sneezing, streaming and subsequently congestion of the nasal passages. It has dominated most of my life. As a small child, I was described by the rest of the family as "always having a cold". Over the years I have been prescribed all kinds of tablets and sprays, including steroids . These would work for a while, but made me feel as if I had been punched on the nose (that was the price I paid for having a dry nose!). Upon leaving my office job, I found myself at home for increasing lengths of time, especially this winter. I was laid low for MONTHS with what seemed like the early stages of the common cold. I could not face doing much or even getting up before about 11 am. As the day wore on, I would feel a bit better, but found I was having to "ration" my social activities. I saw this product advertised in a magazine. When it was described as completely natural, I sat up and took notice, and decided I must try this. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE!! I cannot express how immediate and total the effect was. My energy is restored, depression lifted, nose clear, and hardly a tissue is used in this house any morel I don't think people realize how debilitating allergies can be. A million thanks to the person who developed this product.”


Sylvia K., West Sussex, UK

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Get Free Shipping on an Order of Any Size @ Blue Spring Wellness
Get Free Shipping No Minimum @ Blue Spring Wellness
Get 10% OFF Entire Order @ Blue Spring Wellness
Get a FREE Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream 2 oz. Roll-On on a Purchase of $10.99 or more @ Blue Spring Wellness
Get Current Promotions @ Blue Spring Wellness
Get 10% Off all Blue Spring's products @ Blue Spring Wellness